Destry Darr Designs, Inc.

headed by Florida native Destry Darr Pethtel,
has its roots in an intimate knowledge of the luxury yacht world.

Destry draws on her family legacy to provide a comprehensive
menu of yacht interior design services.

Prior to founding her firm in April 2004, Destry refined her skills as an interior designer for several world class, well-known yacht interior design firms.

Yacht Aviation and Awards 2014 shortlisted
The World Superyacht Finalist 2014
The World Superyacht Awards 2018
Yacht Aviation & Awards 2018
certified mark

Destry Darr Pethtel's perspective on her work and her firm are equally clear:

“We are the resource for those who desire custom yacht interior design and decor ideas and products. Each client receives excellent personal service and support as well as overall quality of the experience and end result.”

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