Nautical Yacht Interior

Nautical Chic Yacht Interior – Without the Kitsch

A nautical chic yacht interior… A nautical chic yacht interior is one of the most beloved design looks, one that can capture the magic of the sea, the allure of the ocean, the emotion of a sun-kissed day, and bring it all into our interior space. Timeless in its popularity, coastal style has spanned generations

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Make Your Yacht Charter Ready

Designed To Charter – Five Rules to Make Your Yacht Charter Ready

You bought the boat and now you want to offset the cost and make your yacht charter ready. Great news! However, while she might be perfectly fit for you and your family’s lifestyle, does she have what it takes to stand out on the competitive charter market?  When designing your yacht  for charter, keep these

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Ti Punch – The Segway Between Traditional Design & Contemporary Design For A Classic Trawler Yacht

There is possibly no more common transition between design themes in yacht interior styles than that between Traditional design and Contemporary design. In its broadest definition and earliest implementation, Traditional styling aboard yachts illustrated “luxury” – a look reminiscent of the ocean-liner of yesteryear where velvet couches, sumptuous carpeting and gold tassels underscored opulence and

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Yacht Galley Design

Yacht Galley Design: A Challenge of Form and Functionality

Much like the kitchen in a home, which so often operates as the central hub, facilitating entertainment, homework, life chats, baking and cooking, the design of the galley aboard a yacht demands similar consideration. How many appliances and what type, prep areas, service areas for the crew, considerations for guest interaction… In my large Italian

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Destry Darr Yacht Interior Designer

Hiring a Yacht Designer: The Benefits

CONSIDERING HIRING A YACHT DESIGNER INSTEAD OF AN INTERIOR DESIGNER?  This is a touchy question, but a common one that many owners will face: “I’m considering hiring a yacht designer, but I have a great designer for my home or homes, why can’t I use him/her to design my yacht?” Unfortunately, many owners have paid

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Yacht Interior Refit

Yacht Refit – Restoring Luster to a Pedigree Sportfish

Whether a yacht design project involves conceptualizing the layout of a new superyacht or bringing an older vessel up to today’s standards with a yacht refit, each yacht has a story to tell. As a designer, refitting a forgotten gem can be the most rewarding experience, particularly when the boat carries a strong pedigree or

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Yacht Design

Yacht Design Under the Influence

It has been said in jest by many of us in the yachting industry that if it wasn’t for the owners, we could build our yachts on time and on budget. The truth is, of course, if it wasn’t for the owners, we’d all have to get real jobs! As Friedrich Schiller once said, “Grace

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Yacht Interior Design

From A Yacht Interior Designer: The Nature of Yacht Interiors

Traditionally, not unlike homes, yachts have been thought of as having two distinct spaces – the interior and the exterior. However, because of our inherent relationship to the outdoors and natural elements, there is a prevailing movement for yacht interior designers to capture that outdoor essence, creating yacht interiors that are in harmony with nature,

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Yacht Interior Designers Guide: To Refit Or Not To Refit

Having spent quite a bit of time at various shipyards this first couple months of 2019, I am noticing that the yards are buzzing with refits and showing no signs of slowing down. Why the refits? We are continuing to see yacht buyers who are interested in customizing a yacht but are unwilling to wait

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112' Ocean Alexander Georgia

Staging Yacht Interiors

Yes, yes, yes, length, beam, draft, engines, cruising speed, range, fuel consumption, operational costs, maintenance costs, systems, etc. are all very important when it comes to a yacht. But… As we prepare for upcoming boat shows, it’s important to remember  that first impressions sell. You don’t need a complete refit before you put your (or

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Yacht Interiors Blog: Art Sense

Yacht Interiors: A Work of Art

2019 already has us off and running!  As we close out projects we’ve been working on and begin new projects for yacht interiors. I think about a quote that is said to have been stated by the famous French artist Edgar Degas:  “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”.  Edgar

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Norhavn Serenity

Serenity: The Peace of Home

We were given the project of designing the interior of the 100’ Nordhavn Serenity at the onset of the yacht’s conceptualization, when the builder referred the owner to our firm.  As designers we were pleased to have the confidence of the builder, meet such an endearing owner, and design the interior for this brand-new yacht.

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Yacht Tablescapes


Table top design and decor can be easy to neglect. But as the famous designer Charles Eames says, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” Table top design and decor is not to be overlooked. It has to tie into the overall design, functionality and needs of the owner. You can’t think

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Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Trend Spotting at the
2018 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

With over 1,500 yachts, 1,200 exhibitors and 52 countries being represented, the world’s biggest in-water boat show displaying the most extravagant dreams and aspirations, was very busy and successful this year. The days were hot and the docks were busy! We had scheduled as well as impromptu meetings with both current and prospective clients, which

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