161' Trinity Stay Salty

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A nautical chic yacht interior is one of the most beloved design looks, one that can capture the magic of the sea, the allure of the ocean, the emotion of a sun-kissed day, and bring it all into our interior space. Timeless in its popularity, coastal style has spanned generations – many of us can recall childhood days at Grandma’s house by the shore where starfish knick knacks and be-shelled mirrors set the tone for never-ending days marked by sandy toes and taffy treats.

For years, however, the implementation of anything nautical within a yacht’s design was a bit of a faux pas. Considered tacky or excessive, nautical decor was left to the subtleties – a reference to coral on a pillow; a mother-of-pearl inlay, or perhaps a simple rope or line accent on a salon’s lamp.

Such was the conversation when I met with the new owners of the 161’ Trinity yacht Stay Salty to discuss the complete interior and exterior refit of their new yacht. Planned as an escape for the whole family to enjoy, the yacht was a means for family connection and bonding while exploring and discovering the beauty of the sea and the world. The owners requested an interior design that was chic and nautical in nature – a coastal home theme that evoked that day-at-sea emotion while being true to the sophisticated nature of the yacht itself.

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