Trend Spotting at the
2018 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

With over 1,500 yachts, 1,200 exhibitors and 52 countries being represented, the world’s biggest in-water boat show displaying the most extravagant dreams and aspirations, was very busy and successful this year. The days were hot and the docks were busy! We had scheduled as well as impromptu meetings with both current and prospective clients, which all turned out great! We were able to tour some pretty amazing yachts and saw some new products we are excited to use on upcoming projects. Stay tuned to hear more about those!

We also attended the Nordhavn Yachts Owner’s party, a super laid back beautifully done event with incredible, down to earth people. It was also a nice cool night after a very hot and humid day! And the way that the boat show boats are illuminated at night is truly a sight to see!

Here are some pictures from the event:

I noticed several trends at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show this year. Creativity and innovation abounded from the unique hybrid hull designs and shapes to cutting edge design and technology, right down to design details such as exterior fire pits. 

Overall, the theme of most of the trends that I noticed pointed in the direction of a desire for yacht owners to feel that they are literally on the water by bringing the outdoors in. Everywhere I saw constant opportunities to be connected to the sea. I noticed larger expansive windows maximizing space and light, full height glass and panoramic sea views making yachts all about enjoying the stunning vistas. Isn’t that why yacht owners are out on the water in the first place?

Check out this panoramic view from the enclosed Fly Bridge on the 120’ Nordhavn Aurora!

There were reminders of being on the water in every detail from the creation of movement in the unique resin finishes reminiscent of waves, glass used in many different design details and applications again maximizing space and light, organic shapes in layout, furnishings and materials, light colored and contrasting woods and lacquered finishes, calm cool tones and subtle color palettes of beckoning blues and grays, also bringing the outdoors inside.

In this photo of the 96’ Nordhavn VivieRae II, you can see how we designed illuminated glass steps in this magnificent staircase. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post dedicated to stairs!

Here are some of the beautiful blues we are using on the new 125’ Westport we are currently designing!

But what I noticed most of all, when it comes down to it, it’s all about the beach clubs! They  began coming on the scene a few years ago and now they are everywhere! Nothing makes you feel more on an oasis at sea than being inches above the water in your own private beach club where you’ll find lounges, bars, gyms, spas with saunas and massage tables (what could be better than getting a good workout in or warming up in a sauna and immediately cooling down with a refreshing dip in the Ocean just steps away). There are outdoor movie theaters and even skylights above and glass panels cut into the transom allowing guests to look down into the water while lounging.  

Here’s a photo of the fabulous Beach Club on the 125’ Westport Eccentric

Despite these trends, some clients still choose to do their own thing and tailor the entire yacht to suit their particular needs as the owner’s of the 142’ Christensen Lady Bee did. Stay tuned to read our blog post about that spectacular and unique project!

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