Catamaran Refit: 46′ Black Pearl Ultimate Lure Update

Catamaran Refit: 46' Black Pearl Ultimate Lure

It’s always fun when former clients return to us with a new project. Such is the case with the lovely 46’ catamaran, Ultimate Lure, which these clients took on when they wanted to downsize from their larger catamaran to a smaller yacht with a smaller draft. We enjoyed a few days out of the office when we flew to the owners’ home in Pensacola, Florida, to check out the boat and discuss the details of this catamaran refit, which entail a complete gutting of the main deck, the addition of cabinetry in the staterooms as well as a washer/dryer, and a full overhaul of the wood, stonework, appliances, window treatments, headliner, wall coverings, flooring, and soft goods. Be sure to check out our previous post on this refit!
With every refit, there’s usually an element of surprise. This is what keeps us designers on our toes! Because we had no original drawings of the 46’ catamaran Ultimate Lure, we had no way of knowing the exact interior space requirements and what we had to work with until we removed all of the existing built-in furniture. Small spaces can sometimes equal big challenges! In one area, we ended up having more space available to us than we had thought but in a couple of areas, we had less space, so back to the drawing board we go! Next steps? Refine the drawings and create new rendering options for the owner.

We have been busy finalizing drawings and renderings, finalizing material selections and processing orders for the interior refit of Ultimate Lure. Materials selection is one of the most important steps in the design process as it sets the tone for the interior vibe throughout of course! Since we had no original drawings, we had to measure and render the interior space, essentially starting from scratch with this refit. We are excited to show off this charming catamaran when she is ready to be unveiled!

The demo is underway at Whiticar Boat Works!

Be sure to check back in on our News Page for future updates on yet another great transformation!

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AutoCad Drawings

Preliminary Renderings

Custom Bedding Samples

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For more on refits of all types, be sure to check out our blog posts Yacht Interior Designers Guide: To Refit Or Not To Refit Part 1 & Part 2. Be sure to come back and check in on our News Page for more progress on the refit of the 46′ Black Pearl Catamaran Ultimate Lure and other  news and project updates!

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About the Author

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