Staging Yacht Interiors

Yes, yes, yes, length, beam, draft, engines, cruising speed, range, fuel consumption, operational costs, maintenance costs, systems, etc. are all very important when it comes to a yacht. But…

As we prepare for upcoming boat shows, it’s important to remember  that first impressions sell.

You don’t need a complete refit before you put your (or your client’s) yacht in a show or up for sale, but it is worth the time, effort and money to hire a yacht interior designer to make a few simple changes  to the interior that will allow you to present the yacht in its best light, encouraging prospective buyers to imagine themselves in the space and visualize the yacht as their own.

Staging yacht interiors is the process of strategically arranging furnishings and decor to give a yacht a fresh, updated appearance to look its best. This may involve rearranging of existing belongings, purchasing furnishings and decor or even renting furnishings and decor temporarily to add to the interior. When selling a used or even a new yacht, having a yacht interior designer stage it first can make a huge difference.

Sellers need to shift their mindset and focus on the buyer. Once a yacht owner can detach himself or herself, they can view their yacht as a product and prepare the yacht interior properly for maximum buyer appeal.

As much as I love to create unique interiors, the goal when selling a yacht (or building a yacht for the speculative market) should be to create a mainstream yacht interior design. One that will appeal to the majority of yacht buyers.

Not everyone has an eye for interior design. Some elements can immediately turn a person off without them even understanding what it is that they didn’t like or how easily it could have been changed.

One way to prevent this is to keep very personalized flourishes to a minimum, allowing future yacht owners to infuse their own personality after the sale.

Yacht interior design is a matter of aesthetics, but in reality it is all about evoking emotions and creating an experience.There needs to be a synergistic dialogue among architecture, furnishings, materials and colors. With yacht decor and accessories it’s all about balance. Creating a balanced and harmonious yacht interior is a delicate dance between furniture and decor placement, use of color and texture, and the scale and proportion of furnishings and decor. Without proper balance, a room can make people feel uncomfortable and even anxious. Good yacht interior design balance invokes a feeling of wellness and security where nothing feels strange, out of place or unstable.

Yacht Interior Staging

Tips to get a yacht show ready…

A yacht interior designer can change the entire look and feel of yacht interiors just by removing a few things and adding a few others.

In the Salon, removing the worn out accent pillows or ones with outdated or very unique color and patterns and replacing them with new ones  will give an updated fresh look and appeal to a broader audience. Very personal art and accessories should be replaced with a few new ones. A yacht interior that has too many accent pillows and accessories can appear busy and one with too few can look too plain and empty.

In a stateroom, the bed is generally the focal point. Removing the outdated fitted bedspreads and giving the staterooms an updated look with some simple linens, a few accent pillows and a throw, will immediately transform the look of the whole space.

Finally some finishing touches and a little pop of color with fresh flowers throughout, place settings on the dining table, a bowl of fresh fruit in the Galley, and some folded towels in the Heads can be added in.

Stage important areas first…

If you want to hire a yacht interior designer to stage your entire yacht, that’s great! But if you don’t have the time or desire to spend the money to stage the entire yacht interior, you can get a huge amount of value by staging the most important rooms; the Main Salon, Dining Salon and the Master Stateroom.

And don’t forget about dock appeal! The manufacturer or profile of the yacht will catch a buyers eye and the exterior decks will draw them in for a closer look! A few fun throw pillows and decorative accessories on the exterior decks can make a huge difference. Harmony is key though! Whether the style is contemporary or classic, it is important that the yacht interior and exterior areas blend well. There shouldn’t be a huge contrast between the two spaces.

The 2019 Miami Yacht and
Palm Beach International Boat Shows are upon us!

It’s countdown time!

Does your or your Client’s boat need a quick little refresh, some sprucing up or staging by a yacht interior designer?

Let us know! We are ready to help get you boat show ready!

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About the Author

Destry Darr Pethtel is an award-winning interior designer based in Florida. Her designs have been featured in several luxury yacht publications such as Showboats, Boat International, Yachts International, Yachting, Luxe Magazine to name just a few! Read More About Destry >>

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