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Stay in, stay cozy, stay healthy… As we collectively adapt to our new normal, we each have our own ways of navigating this uncharted territory. I personally found myself wearing the same comfy clothes and eating the same comfort foods I resort to every time we are stuck inside as a hurricane threatens our path. Realizing that this is not a healthy or long term strategy, we began exploring new (and less self-sabotaging) ways to self soothe. The first step? Rodney decided to take our bicycles for a tune up so we could go for family bike rides with the boys instead of staying indoors to exercise. The weather has been splendid and getting a bit of fresh air does wonders for the soul!


Staying home or isolating aboard your yacht might require some discipline, but there are many ways that we can make the most of this time. First of all, having to prepare or at least eat every meal of the day at home or onboard means more quality meal time with family. It’s also a great opportunity to enjoy your scenery and explore unique place settings and tabletop designs! You can read more about what makes a great tablescape in my blog, Tablescapes and Yachts.


To weather this storm we not only have to take care of ourselves physically, but mentally as well. Find a refuge within your home or aboard your yacht that gives you a sense of calm. Create a sanctuary within your bathroom or en suite or carve out a cozy nook to make your personal meditation/reading/journaling area.


Since it is the Spring season, what better time to use this opportunity to perk up your space! Take this gift of time and see your space through a new lens. Order some new accent pillows or bed linens to brighten up the room or wipe your shelving slate clean for a change in ambience. Find inspiration in switching or mingling objects – you might just wow yourself with the perfect decorative combination! And, soon you’ll be able to browse, shop and be inspired by our new online store! Stay tuned as this exciting feature will be launching any day!


Since we don’t have the excuse of being constantly “on the go,” now is the time to slow down and enjoy each meal and improve our diets with nourishing whole foods. Organize your kitchen or galley by weeding out old appliances and utensils and dishware that are not often used or no longer appeal. Play with your space by situating items in a pleasing and ergonomic way – in fact, galley/kitchen design is one of the most important aspects of living at home or onboard! Read more about this in my blog Yacht Galley Design: A Challenge of Form and Functionality. Paying attention to how we nourish our bodies – as well as our soul – will make this moment in time a moment that won’t be seen as wasted, but rather a moment that will be cherished.


So many of my clients are using this time to devote to their upcoming new build and refit projects and I am having so much fun finding inspiration while taking the time to create beautiful plans with clients from afar. Be sure to check out our new News Page to keep up to date on the progress of our current yacht projects and even my own new projects – our new studio and showroom and our new online store!

So, as we stay in, stay cozy, stay healthy, let’s remember those small moments and many blessings we have to be grateful for.

Photos of the 112′ Westport Bluewater Cat by Yachtpics.

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