Transform Your Space: Staging Cracker Bay With Five Often Overlooked Elements


Spending a lot of time in your current surroundings can inspire – or even demand – a change of scenery. Now is the time to transform your space! Freshening up your space doesn’t mean throwing everything out to start with a fresh slate, however. Instead, approaching your space with the idea of staging a few critical pieces – whether the staging is to woo a potential buyer or charter guest or simply showcase your yacht in its best light – is a perfect way to give a simple and effective makeover that will have you loving your surroundings once again. This thought reminded me of a fun staging project I did aboard a 150’ Hakvoort, Cracker Bay. The design objective was to freshen up her look while retaining and accentuating the timeless appeal of this classic yacht in order to ensure the ultimate first impression during her appearance at a boat show. So, I focused on a few often overlooked pieces and areas. 


Let’s start in the main salon, where the first overlooked piece is generally one of the first items that comes into view: the coffee table! Coffee tables are functional, provide a focal point and are one of the best surfaces for styling. Aboard Cracker Bay, the contrasting materials of the textured coral and the smooth and polished onyx stone top of the coffee table provided dimension and interest, and blended with the surrounding palette of seafoam and aqua with ease to create a balance between the casual and elegant and a charming and peaceful atmosphere.

Stacking a few coffee table books with colorful covers and clustering groups of accessories together with a variety of textures and heights added to the depth, dimension and balance. Voila! It’s amazing how such a small detail can transform your space.


The meals served on a yacht are a large part of the yachting experience. On a yacht, a typical table will not do – nothing impresses guests like an exquisitely finished table at which an amazing gourmet dinner is served.

In the dining salon aboard Cracker Bay, we brought the balance of the casual coastal and peaceful warmth vibes to the next level with centerpieces, accessories and a few gold accents to add a touch of glam.


A display can make the most of a single beautiful accessory or it can be a variety of items in a range of shapes and sizes united through texture and tone… like books! Books are a beautiful styling element and always on our list of must haves when accessorizing.

The many open shelves throughout Cracker Bay were perfect for stacking, layering and arranging books and pairing them with accessories. Adding a touch of greenery brings the space to life while still maintaining an overall subtle color palette. Be careful, though, open shelving can easily appear cluttered so be sure to keep the look minimal and focus on a few key pieces.


Highlighting the defining features of your existing design is the perfect way to complement your interior and one of the easiest and most effective ways to accentuate any design and transform a space is through artwork.

One of the most compelling assets of Cracker Bay is its classical architectural details, which we called out with carefully selected pieces. To highlight the inherent beauty of the classic wall paneling surrounding Cracker Bay’s main staircase we incorporated brightly colored art inspired by nature. This quickly energized an otherwise quiet space.

In the guest staterooms we placed colorful island-inspired art and decor to recall a 1970s tropical resort. We used a few quirky accessories to add personality and a casual character to the twin stateroom.

Remember, art doesn’t have to be a painting or a sculpture – it can be pieces from nature itself! Adding flowers and greenery throughout is one of the easiest ways to inject color into a space.

Art can be realistic – capturing items from nature as we did in Cracker Bay’s main salon and upper foyer – or abstract – a visual representation of the natural world taking a cue from the natural surroundings. Select pieces that instantly draw the eye into the space will transform your interior and create focal points throughout. It creates a color palette and evokes a sense of texture, depth and character.


To add life to a tired space, there is nothing easier than tossing in a few new pillows and fresh accents! For the boat show, we added a few fun, colorful throw pillows on Cracker Bay’s exterior decks and some hearty live tropical floral arrangements that would stand up to wind and sun.

Perhaps there has been no more appropriate time to dive into that creative escape and begin focusing on a new build or refit project you’ve been putting off.  You have the time to dream and be inspired – so when life returns to normal you can make the most of that beautiful new space as you cruise into the sunset with family and friends!

Finished interior Photos by DK Yacht & Estate Photography

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  1. What do you use to hang the art? I want to switch out the art in my yacht, but I’m unsure how to best secure it without damaging the walls.

    1. Hi Allison! We use various types of security hangers: T-Screw Security Hangers, T-Screw Security Hangers, Lock Cleat Security Hangers, Interlocking Security Hangers. If you search any of these terms, you will find what you need! All the best!

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