130′ Westport Yacht Refit Rule No. 1

130' Westport Yacht Refit Rule No. 1

When I first met the young, hip owners from California, they couldn’t tell me exactly what style and colors they wanted but they were able to show me what they did not like. What they showed me was very Southwestern in style with dark woods, rustic elements, and deep warm terracotta hues.

I knew after spending only a short period of time with these particular clients that I needed to create a vibe, a state of mind, and that a California Casual design style was the way to go! A style that feels relaxed, airy, and effortless with lots of white, layered with neutral tones and texture. A style that has an “it factor” and is undeniably cool. Just like the owners of Rule No. 1.

We decided at the onset of this quick turnaround project that Sapele wood was in great condition and although darker than they would like, we would lighten up the interior in other ways. Our first step would be to change the wall material throughout which was dark and heavy, to a white material with a very light texture and we would bring in other light-toned wood and other various material furniture such as the bleached oak and cane chairs and creamy neutral-toned clam shell tables we are using in the Main Salon. We are also bringing in a variety of other textures and tactile pieces and adding a bit more sophistication with the Turnstyle Designs black leather and polished chome hardware throughout.

Be sure to check back in on our News Page for future updates on yet another great transformation!

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Furniture Removal & Installations

New custom furnishings including three storage sectionals and a storage sofa have been fabricated and moved on board.

Wall Coverings & Upholstery

All of the heavy, dark wall fabric throughout is being changed to a white material with a very light texture. The bed bases and headboards will be changed to bring in various neutral shades, also with a light texture. And all of the wallpaper throughout is also being changed to add to the light and airy new feeling being created throughout.

Hardware & Lighting

All of the gold and brown leather door and cabinet hardware throughout is being changed to polished chrome with black leather and every gold ceiling light bezel, switch plate, door hinge, strike plate, and door stop throughout is being changed to polished chrome. 


All exterior cushions and furniture are also being updated.

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This 130′ Westport yacht refit is currently underway at Roscioli Yachting Center. Stay tuned for more!!!

For more on refits of all types, be sure to check out our blog posts Yacht Interior Designers Guide: To Refit Or Not To Refit Part 1 & Part 2. Be sure to come back and check in on our News Page for more progress on the refit of the 130′ Westport Yacht Rule No. 1 and other news and project updates!

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About the Author

About the Author

Destry Darr Pethtel is an award-winning interior designer based in Florida. Her designs have been featured in several luxury yacht publications such as Showboats, Boat International, Yachts International, Yachting, Luxe Magazine to name just a few! Read More About Destry >>

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