Style File: Designing a Yacht Interior with Diverse Materials, Multiple Textures and High Contrast for the 125 Westport Castlefinn

When tasked with designing a yacht interior for the speculative market, we have to ensure that the resulting design appeals to a broad range of potential clients while showcasing the yacht in its best light. We talk more about this in our last blog post, “Creating a Luxury Interior Design Without a Client.” One of our recent spec build projects was aboard a new Westport 125. Purchased soon after we completed the interior, the yacht is now named Castlefinn

We worked closely with Westport Yachts’ technical team to customize this new 125’ yacht and decided upon designing a yacht interior that was modern with romantic and masculine sensibilities.


We began with a predominantly white palette upon which we infused watery ocean blues and dusty blush accents creating a refreshingly crisp and calming space conducive to rest and relaxation. Layering in contrasting black and bold blue hues brought a modern and masculine element to the look, keeping it sophisticated, glamorous and tailored. 

Layers of diverse materials, multiple textures and high contrast add dimension, style and drama to the Westport’s interior. We incorporated Cambria Quartz surfaces for a clean and contemporary feel. In the day head, gorgeous textured metallic tile adds just the right amount of glam to a tiny but impactful space!⁠

Westport Yacht Guest Head

In lieu of the wood ceiling accents and mullions typically found on a yacht’s main deck, we incorporated high gloss white painted ceiling accents and window mullions. A variety of dark woods and black lacquer throughout the design contrast with the high gloss white accents and white wall coverings and further modernize the atmosphere, providing richness and depth.


As I’ve often said, designing a yacht interior is all about balance; there must be a synergistic dialogue among the architecture, furnishings, materials, and colors. Creating a balanced and harmonious yacht interior is a delicate dance of furniture and decor placement, use of color and texture, and the scale and proportion of furnishings and accessories.

Aboard the Westport 125 we focused on incorporating head-turning, custom-designed furniture pieces. These act as objets d’art while providing functionality and comfort. High-quality fabrics in a variety of colors and textures stimulate the senses.

We specified ebony wood and black lacquer for the custom dining table, which is accompanied by dining chairs of waterproof white leather. The cocktail table is a contrast between high gloss ebony wood and white vinyl upholstery. Not only strikingly beautiful, this piece is durable with functional interior storage. 

We designed custom feature wall panels for the forward bulkhead of the main salon as well as above the nightstands in the master stateroom. The main salon feature panels are painted high-gloss white, with a contrasting glossy textured black vinyl material on the wall behind. The panels are inset into the surrounding wall and lit by LED on all four sides.

Westport Yacht Dining Salon
Westport Yacht Custom Furniture

The feature panels in the master stateroom above the nightstands are also painted high gloss white, with mirror on the walls behind. Mounted on these panels are fabulous gold wall sconces.

Westport Yacht Master Stateroom


Even when designing a yacht interior as a spec build, art and accessories must be considered in the early stages of the design, as there are many details to take into account, such as lighting and mounting. The Westport 125 was truly taken to the next level with statement pieces, accessories, and finishing touches.

We added gold leaf accents in the custom commissioned artwork throughout, including a glamorous yet masculine custom quartz, crystal and resin geode for the pilot house.

Lady Art Detail
Westport Yacht Pilot House Geode Art
Geode Art Detail

One of a kind pieces of wall art, unique framed mirrors, bespoke sculptures, vases, other decorative objects, and florals add the special finishing touches in customizing the design while further heightening the material senses and serving to keep the interior stylish and timeless.

While we don’t utilize every design trend when designing a yacht interior, we do enjoy employing some, and lately, many of those classic design rules are being overlooked in order to attain originality and creativity. 

Mixing metal finishes, for example, was once unacceptable, but is now a growing trend. Mixing metals creates contrast and a subtle blend of tones and accents that is a stylish way to add impact, depth, and dimension to a space as well as a contemporary, glamorous feeling.

Because the yacht was a spec build, we decided to keep the permanent fixtures – the plumbing, door and cabinet hardware – in polished chrome, and introduced gold accents in the accessories and artwork, which created a sophisticated and elegant statement. 

Westport Yacht Accessory Detail

We also incorporated crystals and agate in lighting and accessory pieces throughout. Said to promote healing, relaxation, and romance, and create an organic and serene ambiance, these elements add a bit of spiritual and luxurious glamour while other bold and contrasting elements retain the modern and masculine sensibilities.


The wonderful thing about table settings is their ability to create an atmosphere, and aboard the Westport 125 we selected a luxurious collection of place settings that are bold, fun and exquisite, in white and contrasting graphic black watercolor stripes and patterns with gold and platinum elements. The silverware and glassware are effortlessly elegant and ergonomically pleasing, with a true less-is-more sensibility. The placemats are a refined metallic lace while the napkins are white linen with gold trim. Gold napkin rings adorned with druzy stones add a finishing touch. 

Table Settings


⁣Throughout the Westport 125, graceful curves, an elegant yet casual color palette and smart combination of materials created contrast and balance, added impact, depth and dimension and stood out against the classic woodwork.⁣ 

The balance of masculine and feminine with striking accent pieces made a sophisticated statement aboard – a design that appealed to potential buyers who purchased the yacht soon after our work was completed and christened her Castlefinn.

Stay tuned to see the complete portfolio of the 125’ Westport Castlefinn photos on our website soon! In the meantime, you can take a look at other Westports designed by Destry Darr Designs: The 125’ Westport Eccentric and 112’ Westport Bluewater Cat.

All framed wall art throughout and feature wall panels in the Main Salon and Master Stateroom were commissioned through Steven Greenwald Design Art Gallery.

6 thoughts on “Style File: Designing a Yacht Interior with Diverse Materials, Multiple Textures and High Contrast for the 125 Westport Castlefinn”

  1. Amazing work. It was a very interesting read about the 125′ Castlefinn, i can tell you put allot of hard work and determination in this boat and that is what really impresses me about what you do. The way these yachts look are just so amazing it leaves me speechless. You can really see that you truly love what you do and it shows in everything you have done so far. I love the way this yacht looks and cant wait to see what else you have in store.

    1. Thanks so much, Tyson! On the 125′ Westport Castlefinn we commissioned all of the art through Steven Greenwald Designs Gallery. They have great artists and are wonderful to work with. I have a link to their website at the bottom of this blog post. Thanks again!

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