Five Yacht Interior Design Trends for 2021

Design and creativity is an ever-evolving process, and each year we seek those best elements that will enhance not only the style and emotion of a space, but the sensible characteristics as well. Perhaps there has never before been such focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness as today. Emphasis on sustainable and recycled products has blended seamlessly with a demand for organic shapes and textures that harken back to a simpler time. 

The emotion of today’s space leans toward casual, familial and convivial, with sophisticated elegance underscored by high quality fabrics and finishes. I’ve never been one to subscribe to design “fads,” but rather prefer to incorporate sensible features and elements into each project. Here are five elements that are not only trending in 2021, but will stand the test of time and point to better innovations in the future.


The days of the painstaking honeycomb process are long gone, thanks to the rise in manufactured stone products such as quartz. Not only are these products durable and lightweight, they are better for the environment than the once-popular granite, which according to the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection emits trace amounts of radon. Cheaper than its marble counterparts, quartz is now widely accepted as a beautiful, durable and recyclable alternative for high traffic surfaces on board.

125' Westport Castlefinn

125′ Westport Castlefinn | View Portfolio

112' Westport Hannah & 64' Grand Banks Paikea II

All stone throughout these two vessels is Quartz with a combination of Cambria Quartz, Silestone and Pompeii Quartz

112′ Westport Hannah | View Portfolio

64′ Grand Banks Paikea II 


The Perennials Brand creates durable, sustainable fabrics, hand-woven rugs, trims and pillows that are not only fade, mildew and mold-resistant, but are created with eco-friendly processes throughout the entire production. We have been using Perennials fabrics and rugs on many of the interiors and exteriors of our many of our recent projects. Beautiful and stylish, these fabrics are ideal not only for deck areas, but also for interior furnishings that may see lots of use, particularly aboard charter yachts. 

Waterproof and weatherproof materials are sought-after, for obvious reasons, for products to be used aboard boats. We have been using a lot of waterproof leather for high end luxury upholstery, exterior towel and shoe baskets, trays and other accessories.


If the unexpected global situation of 2020 created one thing, it was the general shift in mindset toward enjoying life’s more simple pleasures. Gathering with family, friends and loved ones has taken priority once again. In our industry, clients who may have been on the fence have taken the plunge and bought the boat or made the decision to undertake the refit to create the ideal space to sail safely off into the sunset with one’s preferred group. This leaning toward simplicity extends into interior design as well, where we incorporate natural elements and textures and light woods to create an atmosphere that is comfy and casual. Dark, brooding interiors have given way to yacht interior design trends of larger windows, wall coverings and neutral tones, with a combination of shiny and matte surfaces combining to create a quiet dance of sophisticated elegance.

112′ Westport Hannah | View Portfolio


Maximizing space aboard a boat is certainly not a new concept or yacht interior design trend, and now more than ever, clients want their spaces to be as multifunctional as possible. The ability to convert a piece of furniture that takes up a lot of space when not in use or convert a guest stateroom into a gym or massage room simply adds to the overall onboard livability and is a trend that will only continue to get more ingenious with time.

125' Westports Eccentric & Castlefinn

Upper and lower pullman beds in one stateroom that converts to a gym

90' Nordhavn VivieRae II

Skylounge converts to additional “VIP” stateroom with bed inside sectional and locker storage. This space also acts as an office space with desk and file drawers.

Yacht Interior design trends...VARIETY

If variety is the spice of life, then the most wonderful and exciting yacht designs come with a kick! Blending layers of diverse materials, textures and contrast adds dimension, style and drama to a yacht’s interior. Geometric patterns provide a focalpoint while darker wood and black lacquer accents complement white wall coverings and neutral tones and further modernize the yacht’s atmosphere, providing richness and depth. One of our most diverse projects was the 125’ Westport, Castlefinn.

Main Salon showcasing various interior decor items

125′ Westport Castlefinn | View Portfolio

One of our most diverse projects was the 125’ Westport, Castlefinn.

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