Murphy’s Law and the New Normal

Murphy’s Law and the New Normal…

For all of us around the world, the last several months have been anything but normal. We’ve canceled plans, we’ve made new plans. We’ve taken on new projects, we’ve updated our surroundings. We’ve figured out how to keep the momentum going, we’ve eaten in, we’ve taken out. We’ve adjusted.

At the shipyards and aboard our projects we’ve adjusted as well. We limit the number of contractors aboard, we test, we wash our hands, we wear masks. We are so thankful that the refit yards remain in operation so that we can continue working on these amazing projects! We may have delays here and there, but it’s worth it to ensure the safety and health of our contractors, vendors, crew and clients.

Hannah And Murphy

As I wrote in a recent blog post, Hiring a Yacht Designer: The Benefits, yacht design requires attention to multiple considerations that aren’t necessary in residential design. However, Murphy’s Law still finds its way into a refit project from time to time and even the most experienced yacht designers encounter lessons to learn!

One such lesson came with the beautiful 112’ Westport yacht Hannah, aboard which construction is well underway and the exterior paint work is nearing completion. Last week, just after we made a big step toward completion, water came in through the windows of the port and starboard guest staterooms. The rooms had recently received a fresh coat of white paint, which was protected with green paper. No problem, right?! 

Au contraire, says Murphy. None of us – not me, the painters, the carpenters nor the Captain realized that the protective paper itself could stain the white paint! While we were able to remove the green marks from the high gloss ledge tops of the windows, it stuck fast to the satin finish used on the lower window ledges. So, we had to repaint all of the lower window ledges with gloss and it’s now as good as new – and another lesson learned has been logged into my designer’s cache!

Be sure to stay up to date on Hannah’s progress on our News Page!

Design Inspiration

This week’s design applause goes to the Perennials brand. I love working with their high-performance outdoor materials and outdoor rugs. These materials are so luxurious, plush and beautiful that you almost forget how tough and durable they are. With so many clients requesting white fabrics and carpeting, I can rest easy knowing that the Perennial materials will stand the test of time!

For more design inspiration and decor ideas, visit our brand new showroom on 17th street in the bustling Southport Shopping Center. If you can’t browse in person, visit our online store for more fabulous finds or take advantage of our great online sales!

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About the Author

About the Author

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