The Super Yacht Life – Why Yacht? Why Not?!

What draws people to the super yacht life?

Super Yacht Life

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According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), recreational boat sales in 2019 were the highest they’ve been since 2007, and 2020 sales are up roughly 5% per month in comparison. What draws people to the super yacht life? The short answer is, boating provides the opportunity for a lifetime of memory-making experiences with family and friends.

Recreational boat sales are up roughly 5% in 2020

This month, Broward County commissioners approved plans for the 61st annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to continue. This was obviously no light decision by those involved in the show’s organization, who had to consider health and safety as a priority as well as economic impact on businesses large and small, local and international.

Despite hurricanes and economic downturns, in its 60-year existence the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show has never been canceled. The event that brings close to $800 million in revenue to the state of Florida is largely responsible for Fort Lauderdale’s reputation as the “Yachting Capital of the World.” But why do people go boating in the first place? Beyond a lifetime of memory-making experiences with family and friends, yachting brings with it some of life’s greatest joys.


Freedom is at the heart of yachting. It offers an opportunity to be untethered, a way to unplug from the tensions of daily life and experience the sea in all its magnificence. The freedom and flexibility of yachting allow immersion in life’s exceptional experiences that create new and deepened connections all within an intimate and personalized setting. Each owner’s unique style, use and requirements are woven into the design of their yacht with profound attention to detail.

Freedom and flexibility of yachting allow immersion in life’s exceptional experiences

For the owner of the 96’ Nordhavn VivieRae II, an avid adventurer, yachting is an ideal way to engage in activities that push limits and break comfort zones. A way to reach remote areas of the world and explore exquisite and unexpected hideaways, experience the exhilaration of conquering fresh territory and new challenges, be exposed to new places and people and gain an awareness of different customs and cultures and most importantly to share those experiences with friends and family. Read more about this beautiful yacht designed for exploration in our blog post, VivieRae II, Capturing the Spirit of Adventure


Bonding with family away from the distractions of everyday life is another huge reason people love yachting. We recently completed Phase I of a refit on the 161’ Trinity, Stay Salty (read more about this yacht’s coastal-inspired interior style in our blog post, Nautical Chic Yacht Interior – Without the Kitsch.) A husband and wife purchased the vessel with the intention of cruising and living aboard with their young children and making memories of a lifetime. They left the yard in June destined for the Caribbean and have reported back that their experiences have been everything they’ve dreamed of and more.

For these owners, spending time aboard with their young children is the most meaningful pastime.

For the owner of the 100’ Nordhavn Serenity, the quintessential family man, yachting is an opportunity to further connect with his family, to celebrate milestones in a way that is far more memorable than the latest gadget. He created his yacht with family in mind; his spaces reflect his modern tastes and desire to create a home away from home…to create an atmosphere of serenity for his family. We designed this yacht to be a haven for family where they could travel, entertain, and relax together in surroundings as unique and comfortable as home. Read more in our blog, Serenity: The Peace of Home.

The superyacht life - distant, but social

In this day of staying safe and keeping our distance, boating has shown itself to be the perfect opportunity to safely socialize with friends while enjoying the beauty of the water and the sea. Recreational boat sales are up across the board, and account for $3.2 billion in revenue in the state of Florida alone. With the 61st annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show soon underway, anyone who wants to begin or continue the super yacht lifestyle can peruse one of the finest collections of boats and yachts available for sale today.

In this “new normal,” what better way to safely enjoy life with your family and friends than on the water, in the outdoors, enjoying the world’s natural splendor? Perhaps it’s time to explore the super yacht life.


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In this "new normal," what better way to safely enjoy life than on the water?

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