Our Yacht Interior Design Showroom: The Path to Creating a One Stop Shop

Designing within a small space is always a challenge, but that’s the task we yacht designers are presented on a daily basis. The goal of each space is to be as functional as possible, with storage maximized and aesthetic appeal given prime placement! This year we have been working on an exciting project of our own, alongside our many client projects. And this one came with its own constraints of space: our very own yacht interior design showroom!

If you are following us on social media and getting our newsletters you’ve seen sneak peeks of our new design studio and showroom in the making. This is an important slice of the grand “pie” we offer our clients: yacht interior design, space planning, refits and complete yacht outfitting – Destry Darr Designs is now a true one-stop-shop for owners, brokers, builders and crew.

Although it is and always will be a work in progress, we are excited to officially introduce you to our new design showroom and studio, and to share with you all of the wonderful partners we worked with to bring it to life!


For our yacht interior design showroom...

Before we got our hands on it, the showroom space was just one big room of concrete! It took a heavy dose of creativity to fit as much as we did into some pretty tight quarters. But, I love a challenge and have a bit of experience doing just that!

I knew from the beginning I wanted our new yacht interior design studio and showroom to be a reflection of the yacht interiors we create for our clients: fresh, clean, beautiful and inviting. I wanted the space to reflect the many styles we infuse our look into, from traditional to transitional to contemporary. We came up with the perfect marriage of styles so when each client walked in they not only felt comfortable, but also inspired – and certainly not like they were in a typical office space!


Just as it does aboard a yacht, storage and functionality was of paramount importance in our new showroom. We needed plenty of storage space for all of our samples to be tucked away and out of sight, along with plenty of functionality! We installed cabinetry with special hangers inside for our fabric books to be hidden away and easily accessible.

We used five different styles of our go-to high-end decorative hardware Turnstyle Designs on all of the cabinet doors and drawers.

We used quartz countertops – a very popular material we are using on many of our projects – because of its durability and ease of maintenance on our countertops, island, and conference tabletop. This is the perfect area for our team to gather around and collaborate or brainstorm over lunch and where all of our client presentation materials are built!

Of course, we showed off the skills of our contractors – the very best in the business – who installed our stone tops and our wood floors!

surface of stone counter top

I even put our teenage boys to work helping with the flooring installation and putting together furniture such as our conference table chairs, the bed that displays our beautiful custom yacht linens, and the shelving used to display the many products we have to assist our chief stewardesses, yacht owners, yacht brokers and yacht builders in outfitting their yacht interiors for sale, personal or charter use.

Family Member Helping to set up new showroom

It was a team effort that required the help of professionals of all ages!


I am absolutely in love with this studio space! It is the ultimate space for us to spread out while making our selections or review large general arrangements and the ultimate meeting spot both for our team meetings and client presentations with our materials pin-up board and flat-screen tv to review digital presentations with our clients or just showcase photography of our gorgeous yacht interiors.


Our Yacht Interior Design Showroom...

This is our “work home.” The space where we dream up designs for our yacht interiors, collaborate as a team, show our clients the vision we are building for their yacht interiors. It’s a place for our chief stewardesses and owners to feel comfortable browsing the many special outfitting items we have to share! I hope you love our new design studio and showroom, our home-away-from-home, as much as we do!

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About the Author

About the Author

Destry Darr Pethtel is an award-winning interior designer based in Florida. Her designs have been featured in several luxury yacht publications such as Showboats, Boat International, Yachts International, Yachting, Luxe Magazine to name just a few! Read More About Destry >>

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