112′ Westport Yacht Refit Emilia Part III

112' Westport Yacht Refit Emilia

What’s in a name? Every yacht has a name, some are whimsical and witty, others are sentimental or perfunctory. For their new yacht, the owners selected the name Emilia as an amalgam of their children’s names, Emi and Giulia. But there is a deeper meaning. The Latin definition of the name Emilia means “to strive or excel or rival” so when visualizing the yacht’s logo mark, the owners incorporated the family’s Japanese heritage and set the name interpretation as “to overcome.”

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The Logo

112 westport refit emilia part 3 the logo

“In keeping with the Japanese theme ‘to overcome’, we arrived at the historically symbolic Japanese wave woodblock by ukiyo-e artist Hokusai: The Great Wave off Kanagawa, or, simply, The Great Wave,” say the owners.

“The Great Wave can be taken as a symbolic image of an important change happening to Japanese society at the end of the Edo period and beginning of Meiji era, a change which brought the presence of foreign influences coming from the uncertainty of the sea and opposed to the firmness and stillness of Mount Fuji, the established symbol for the soul of Japan.
“Even though the wave looks frightening, the faces of the brave Japanese fisherman in their oshiokuri-bune boats remain calm and decisive in going towards the unknown. The wave starts looking like a mountain, and the mountain in the background looks like a part of the wave, an element which could provide a perspective-changing reading where the sea becomes land and the land becomes the sea.”
112 westport refit emilia part 3 the logo
The owners designed a logo representing Hokusai’s Great Wave as a symbol that all who step aboard will excel and overcome.
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The Fine Line Between Art and Design

While construction was well underway, we began designing and selecting furniture and materials that effortlessly blurred the distinction between design and art. The decor and furniture would honor the Mid Century period. According to the owners, “Emilia‘s furniture represents original or faithfully and meticulously reproduced examples of the finest work from Charles Eames, Isamu Noguchi, George Nakashima, George Nelson and Frank Lloyd Wright.”

112 westport refit emilia part 3 furniture
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Good Vibes Only

What would it take to turn the main salon into an LP listening space? This was a question posed by the owners as the project and the interior design details began to take shape. Soundproofing and noise attenuation was already being incorporated throughout, but an extra step was taken to accommodate the owners’ desire for an authentic, nearly soundproof listening studio feel in the main salon.

Vibration and sound dampening insulation was applied to all ceilings and bulkheads. Nearly all of the main deck was changed to hardwoods to easily eliminate dust and allergens.

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Naturally, the entertainment for the Mid Century era would come from a stylish turntable sound system that the owner designed himself with special stabilizing properties to reduce vibration.

“In order to retain the authenticity of the Mid Century Modern aesthetic, we found and restored a Thorens TD-12k MKII turntable, paired it to a modern receiver, period speakers and 600 clean watts-per-channel amps. Two Eames Lounge Chairs will face the speakers for pure unadulterated enjoyment.”

112 westport refit emilia part 3 furniture

The majority of the cabinetry in the main salon was removed and replaced to accommodate the new layout changes.

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Noise Attenuation

Not only was the engine room and generator insulation and ventilation upgraded, but every single piece of machinery that vibrates onboard was also addressed – A/C handlers, pumps, etc… – and given upgraded vibration control seals along with sound enclosures. All of the fans throughout were changed to super quiet fans that ensure the proper CFM but without the sound and vibration of a regular fan.
Supply ducts were also treated for sound and we paid attention to not restrict flow at the vent, and baffles were built on all A/C returns to block return air fan noise from entering the space. All spaces throughout the boat have return and supply ducts, and all returns have a filter to eliminate the buildup of dust, debris or allergens.
112 westport refit emilia part 3 A/C intake
112 westport refit emilia part 3 sound enclosure for A/C handler
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Art is Life

As the finer details of the yacht’s interior aesthetic come together, we are meeting regularly with the owners and various vendors in our studio to curate the materials, the table settings, the fabrics and finishes and the art installations on board. As is to be expected of this particular project, the artwork throughout will be meticulously considered and deeply personal.

112 westport refit emilia part 3 art

The Kimono

From the onset of the project, the owners knew that they wanted to display a beautiful Japanese kimono in a prominent position onboard. We didn’t want it to simply hang against the wall – the plan was to display it in a traditional hanging rack called an Ikou. When it came time to determine exactly where and how, we had to bring in the reinforcements! In consultation with our seamstress and carpenter, we tackled the challenge of displaying the kimono properly while eliminating the risk of movement of the fabric. Our carpenter will build a custom Ikou but modify it to be boat worthy, and our seamstress will fasten it so that it won’t flutter loosely.

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Space Age

The 1950s and 1960s marked the beginning of space exploration, so this theme was the inspiration for the design of the pilothouse. Being a Navy veteran, the owner envisions a clean, purpose-built bridge with a spaceship flare that would be full of technology. In addition to enclosing the original stairs on the port side to house a coffee station for guests, together we’ve redesigned this space and relocated the dash and upper panel aft as well as some of the instrumentation to allow for better access and visibility. The finish materials will be black, gray matte and carbon fiber.

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Be sure to see our previous posts for earlier progress!

This extensive refit is well underway and will soon be nearing completion at Safe Harbor Lauderdale Marine Center, so stay tuned for the final project update on Emilia, coming soon!

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