112′ Westport Yacht Refit Emilia Part IV

112' Westport Yacht Refit Emilia

When the journey is the destination, a good night’s rest rounds out an exceptional onboard experience. Just as the cruise liner cabin has transitioned from providing basic overnight accommodation to offering a private space that enhances the overall journey, the yacht stateroom should be an inviting sanctuary for respite and refreshment. The staterooms aboard the 112’ Westport Emilia yacht refit will provide exactly that and more. In this update, we’ll take you through the progress made in Emilia’s stairwell, lower foyer, master stateroom and guest accommodations.

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The Westport 112’ layout sees the master, queen and twin staterooms accessed via a stairwell on the yacht’s port side forward of the main salon. This stairwell leads down into a lower foyer which lends itself perfectly to an artistic showcase – in this case, the owners elected to pay homage to her Japanese heritage with a wall of Edo Period woodblock prints facing a beautiful kimono display traditionally called an Ikou that we had custom-built to withstand the movement aboard a boat. For more about how we accommodated this beautiful kimono see our Update Part III.


One of the first things we had to do upon moving into this space was cut into the foyer wall that backs up to the Master walk-in closet to provide access for the washer and dryer, one of the very first items on the owner’s wish list and access to the twin head shower as well as cutting into the aft wall of the stair for access to the queen head shower for new shower plumbing installation. We also relocated the A/C return in the original stairwell overhead. The gaps for the stair openings left from the original heavy carpet were minimized to accommodate the new carpeting while still allowing the stairs to be opened for access. An oak wood border has been installed on the main stairs, to which we will add a textural carpet runner to create a waterfall effect over the treads and risers.
For the stairwell itself, we created a Mid-Century Modern wall design that follows the somewhat curved stairwell with interchanging wood and light strips on a light-colored linen fabric backdrop. We also removed the original stainless steel stair rail, which was improperly bent and not set at the correct height and we will be replacing it with a new stainless steel railing. 
The wire-brushed light oak wood plank flooring is now installed and new oak baseboards have been fitted and sent to the paint shop for finishing. We are also mounting a flush track LED lighting in the ceiling around the perimeter of the lower foyer to feature the kimono and Edo Period woodblock art, and the walls will be covered in a light-colored textural linen wallcovering. This same feature lighting will be used to light the twin and queen stateroom headboards and inboard mural walls. The kimono stand will be painted in a rich brown lacquer true to the traditional colors of this style stand. The wall on which the stand will be mounted will be covered in a heavily textured black grass cloth wall covering.
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Emilia’s master stateroom will provide an oasis for her owners that includes an exquisite sleeping space, a  private workspace for him, a bespoke built-in settee for her, spacious closets including a dedicated washer/dryer for the owners’ personal use, and an exceptional his-and-hers ensuite.
Removal of the original rounded ceiling soffit and rounded nightstands was also among one of the owner’s very first wish list items. The new nightstands, ceiling treatment and soffit over the bed and headboard and wall treatment over the nightstands in the master have been installed. This was a significant installation that included the insulation throughout the entire spacek incorporation of LED light strips, and ceiling lighting.
The veneer center panels of the bed soffit and headboard nightstand panels are made to be removable for easy access to any electrical. All of these pieces were fabricated off-site then brought on board for fitting prior to being removed and taken to the paint shop to be finished off-site, then brought back on board to be installed with not only the carpenters and electricians working side by side but also the whisper wall installer and stone installer so that all components go together seamlessly.


Originally this space had deep bookshelves on either side of the countertop and a mirror in the center, and served as a small vanity with very little counterspace. The owner wanted us to create a work station for him here with more depth at the countertop and, if possible, a shallow bookshelf or shelves above.

The window space was too long for the type of window treatment that the owner requested so we recommended adding an additional upper level bookshelf between the port lights to also act as a dividing space between two separate window treatments.


Our plan for the port side of the master suite was originally to incorporate a stationary bike, but in the end we decided on a romantic and sculptural freeform chaise lounge as a cozy nook to curl up with a book and enjoy the peace and quiet. This lounge also serves a dual purpose by concealing an HVAC unit!

There were multiple on-site fittings necessary due to the complexity of this piece – the curved shape, the height of the step and seat, and the minimal spacing to allow the door to open and people to pass at the foot of the bed but still allow enough length on the chaise to lounge, and enough depth at the platform to step up and at the chaise to sit down. Thankfully both the chief stewardess and I are the same height as the owner’s wife so we could ensure that it would be the perfect fit!


Uniquely, we are installing a stacked washer/dryer unit in the master walk-in closet. This required careful measurement and the inclusion of an access point through the lower foyer. The cedar lining in the closet will all be replaced with new.

Access to change the plumbing fixtures in the twin head fiberglass shower was also gained by going through this closet so we were able to do this at the same time. The shower fixtures throughout this yacht were old, outdated, and discontinued. They were so old that there are no companies at all selling the valves any longer or even any trims that will work with the old valves so it was not an easy task to change the queen and twin shower fixtures.



In the master ensuite, we demo’d every area to take the space down to the bare bones. We relocated the shower fixtures, which required the aft side of the walk-in shower to be framed out and a new drain routed. We refinished the cabinetry and installed new flat soffits in an effort to eliminate the existing fluted soffits as seen throughout, yet another rounded element to be removed that was on the owner’s wish list from the onset of the project. The cabinetry has been finished and Satin nickel hardware from Turnstyle Designs has been installed.

Our stone and tile installation is underway. We are using Everleigh slab, a brand-new product from Cambria Quartz on the countertops and in the shower along with a cheery blossom accent tile wall .

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The queen and twin staterooms have their own unique headboards and wall murals as well as shelving within the outboard walls. We are completing the installation of the dressers and side tables with their stone tops. We’ve also installed flat molding soffits and added Soundown insulation throughout for additional noise and vibration control. The outboard window ledges will be covered in a white formica.



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This extensive refit is well underway and will soon be nearing completion at Safe Harbor Lauderdale Marine Center, so stay tuned for the final project update on Emilia, coming soon!

For more on refits of all types, be sure to check out our blog posts Yacht Interior Designers Guide: To Refit Or Not To Refit Part 1 & Part 2. Be sure to come back and check in on our News Page for more progress on the refit of the 112′ Westport Yacht Emilia and other news and project updates!

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